About Us

Gifts that will last forever

At Personalized Momento we are proud to offer our valued customers a huge variety
of gifts that you can browse, select, personalize and give to a special person. We
have something unique for every person and every occasion imaginable – which
makes us your one-stop gift shop for any need.

Founded in Monroe, NY, our team is made up of gift enthusiasts who are dedicated
to working day and night, going above and beyond to ensure that you have the best
gift options at an affordable price whenever you want to mark a special moment. Our
love of gifts shine through to the personalized touch we offer on every item – free of
charge. That way whenever you have a special occasion coming up, you can make it
an extra special one, every single time.

To us, there is nothing as important as showing the ones that you love that you care
with a personalized gift they will cherish forever. When you love gifts as much as we
do, giving a gift is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Because of this, we aim to
have new items ready and available whenever you browse our store keeping your
options vast and varied, and ensure that your gifts will never be repeated.
We are proud to provide every customer with a fast and efficient delivery service,
which makes our services the quickest it can be going from our studio to your
doorstep. You can track your purchase from the moment you place your order, that
way you are safe in the knowledge that we are working hard to make your gift unique
and personal as well as getting it delivered to you on time.

At Personalized Momento we stop at nothing to go above and beyond for you and
your loved ones, always adding the special touch that each gift deserves.
For unique, personal and fun gifts for all your loved ones, choose Personalized
Momento for a reliable service you can trust.